Aluminum Door & Window Awnings

Door hoods provide a sheltered entrance all year long, protecting entry ways from rain, sleet, and snow. Window awnings (stationary or roll-up) provide solar and weather protection.

  • Custom made and installed.
  • The unique "pan and cover" construction helps keep rain, snow, and debris out without trapping heated air underneath: It allows a soft "halo light" to filter into your home instead of dark shadows associated with other awnings.
  • No mechanical fasteners are exposed; the overall appearance is trim and neat.
  • While the top surface is available in 21 colors, the underside is always a crisp, clear white.
  • Awning panels are chemically cleaned, conversion coated, then painted with baked epoxy primer before a top coating of high quality polyester enamel is applied. The result minimum maintenance surface that retains it's good looks.


Aluminum Roll-Up Awnings

Any awning can block sunlight, but Weathercraft Roll-Up Awnings offer homeowners an energy saving option. Roll them down in summer to keep out the sun's hot rays. Along with reducing glare and protecting your interior furnishings from discoloration, Sunview Roll-Up Awnings help lessen solar gain, allowing greater air conditioning efficiency and a more comfortable interior climate for your family. In cooler weather, roll them up to let in the warming rays and brighten your home. It's so easy to let in as much - or as little - light as you want with these all season awnings

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Fabric Door & Window Awnings

Fabric door and window awnings offer you an elegant and practical way to protect your home from the sun's harmful rays. All awnings are custom made and are available in a variety of styles and fabrics to compliment any exterior or architecture. Choose from hundreds or fabric patterns and colors. All our fabric is 100% solution dyed acrylic and is guaranteed against rot, mildew, and fading.